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Kindred Spirits - A Therapeutic Riding Center

A dream in the making.

To think that a child could be led so intently at such a young age is unfathomable, but I was. The passion for animals showed abundantly through my collection of stuffed animals and toys. I used to have my parents listen to me read books to them about dogs, horses, exotic animals…you name it!

I was raised in Sarasota, FL. My family’s house met the Gulf of Mexico where I was able to witness aquatic mammals such as the manatee and dolphin and on numerous occasions, I was blessed with the opportunity to even swim with them.

I had this special Banyan tree where I would go and sit (usually before dinner so I could watch how our beautiful Creator painted the setting sun) and talk to Him about my day. As seasons changed, my discussion topics grew from what color bows I would wear in my hair to what I wanted to do in my life. I always knew that my future field would have something to do with animals but at that time, I had no idea what God’s calling was for me.

It was about ten years ago that I was sitting in my living room watching the Animal Planet when this woman working with a special needs child was wearing a wetsuit and they were both sitting on the edge of what looked like a dock. Well, I was a little confused why these two people were in bathing suites till the screened panned over and this dolphin popped up from the water! Immediately, this child face light up and the biggest smile came across his face, as well as mine . I just knew right then and there that I was going to do what that woman was doing; Animal Assisted Therapy.