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Kindred Spirits - A Therapeutic Riding Center

Dolphins to Horses

Born and raised in Florida, I grew to love the dolphin. Going to Sea World with my mother on a regular basis was not unheard of and feeding the dolphin was one of the most exciting times to me, besides the nightly Killer Whale show.

After graduating high school, I traveled to Hawaii and lived there for a few months working as an intern for the Kewalo Basin Marine Mammal Laboratory. My time there was focused on research and observation and of course training sessions of the Tursiops truncates: Bottlenosed dolphin. I then ventured to Discovery Cove in Orlando, Fl, where I completed a dolphin training test in hopes to become a dolphin trainer. I was only seventeen at the time so I decided to go back home to finish college before I took on the dolphin training job.

Completing my junior year of college, I spent the summer in Key Largo, FL working with a non-profit organization: Island Dolphin Care. IDC works specifically with special needs children in a dolphin therapeutic setting and I was blessed to have had that opportunity.

Not wanting to be far from my family, after graduating college, I decided to move home and focus on Equine Assisted Therapy since there were no dolphins to be found here in Tennessee. I have been working hard ever since to bring my dream of owning my own therapeutic riding program to existence and I am so excited to dedicate the rest of my life towards the lives of these special children.